11 May 2020

Face Masks – will we all be wearing them soon?

 Face Masks – will we all be wearing them soon?

Face masks to face people

In many countries including Germany, Austria,  Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey, wearing of a face mask in public is mandatory to help curtail the spread of Covid-19 as citizens are gradually regaining their freedom. It is likely other countries will follow as lock down restrictions are relaxed.

Currently there is no Law in the UK about wearing Face Masks when in public. In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already recommended wearing face masks when out in Public where Social Distancing may be difficult. Boris Johnston, has yet to officially announce his plans. It is however likely, as the lock down eases, we will be encouraged to wear a face covering in crowded spaces including on public transport, while shopping and in the work place!

There is still debate about the effectiveness of mask wearing. It is known that corona virus can be spread through tiny droplets of infected particles in the air. If an infected person sneezes, numerous infected particles become airborne. If we minimise the spread of infected droplets, the infection rate will reduce.

One of the issues with corona virus, apart from it’s vast infection rate, is that certain people are carriers. They have the virus, have no symptoms, and therefore unknowingly infect many more people. Additionally, an infected person will not display symptoms for 5-14 days after becoming infectious – Face masks for all will help tackle this problem.

Face masks will help those already carrying the virus from passing it to others,  and can also help reduce the chances of the uninfected contracting the virus by breathing in the infected particles. There are now so many cloth face mask options available on the market that are ideal to help  reduce the spread the transmission of disease when social distancing cannot be guaranteed. These masks are not of medical grade, so are not appropriate for front line workers, but they are ideal for the general public to help prevent us from spreading the virus and to help reduce our chances of becoming infected.

Wearing of face masks in public is likely to become the norm. With plenty of styles and options to chose from, we need to all start planning for the future – we will not be locked down forever! Masks are available in cotton, polyester and now also anti-bacterial micro-fibre. They can be laundered,  used daily and many of them are soft and comfortable to wear. They are also available plain or printed and is another great way to make sure your logo is  visible!

Contact us if you are looking for Face masks or Buffs for your staff, organisation or family. We can do branded options from 50 units, or we can do plain masks in smaller quantities.

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