Artwork Requirements

Good artwork is essential to personalise your promotional items. The best artwork file to supply for your promotional merchandise order is an original editable vectorised file with all text converted to curves / outlines (e.g  eps, ai or pdf files).

If possible, please also supply a j-pegg or pdf file showing exactly what has to be printed, embroidered or engraved.

If you do not have suitable artwork, we can arrange for your logo to be professionally redrawn into the appropriate format. Prices from £20 depending upon logo complexity. We can quote upon sight of your design. If you opt for a re-draw we will send you copies of the vectorised files for use on future projects.

If your order is a for a bespoke product, please give us a product brief and if possible diagrams of what you are looking for. We will work with your ideas and create a visual of what the finished product will look like.


Branding Techniques

We utilise a wide variety of branding techniques depending upon the product and our clients requirements. Here is a list and brief description of some of the more popular methods:

  • Screen Printing - Colours are screen printed one at a time through a special stencil screen, allowing each colour to dry before application of next colour. Requires reasonable flat surface.Ideal for plastic, PU, clothing and some metal products.
  • Tampo or Pad Printing - The transfer of ink onto a product by means of a rubber pad. Ideal for the same materials as screen printing but used for printing on small areas or bevelled and curved surfaces e.g. Golf balls
  • Digital Printing- Cost effective solution for full colour printing. Now widely on a rapidly expanding range of products.
  • Dye sublimation- accurate colour photographic reproduction suitable for ceramics and clothing
  • Laser Engraving -  Branding is burned into the item with laser machines giving a permanent branding often making the undersurface colour visible
  • Diamond Engraving - Design is cut into the item. Permanent process, giving a more discreet appearance. Often used on trophies and awards.
  • Transfer Printing
  • Die casting
  • Debossing
  • Die Stamping or Blind Embossing - A heated metal die is pressed into the surface of the product leaving a permanent  impression creating. Ideal for leather and sometines is used on solid metal surfaces.
  • Hot Foil Blocking - A block is manufactured and a  colour foil is placed between the block and the product. The design is pressed onto the product with heat. Foil colours are restricted and pantone matches are not possible.
  • Embroidery - Your  design is digitised. This digital format tells the machines where and in what order to place the stitches to give a constant quality finish. Once the program has been created, it can be used again on future orders. The thread colours can easily be changed but any changes in the logo require a new digitisation. Embroidery is charged per thousand stitches. 



Most products have an origination cost which is the cost to prepare your design and set up the necessary branding technique. The cost will vary depending on the product and the required branding method. All prices are listed in the website. On some products there is no origination charge (generally paper products) or the charge may be built into the price matrix. 

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