Promotional Pens are a great way of getting your name in front of a client; a functional product for daily use and to fit any budget. Every time a pen is lost, it will likely end up in another persons hand taking your brand with it, giving your logo greater visibility.

When selecting a pen, bear in mind the pen will carry your logo so they must be reliable and good writers - pens in our main catalogue are tested and hand picked for their reliability giving you best value for money. You can have low cost plastic pens below 20p or good quality metal pens. If you want something a bit more special we can do well known brands like Waterman, Cross or Parker.

Another option to consider is the Senator range. Their low cost quality pens have special ink that writes smoother and for significantly longer then standard inks, ensuring your brand makes a big impact for a longer period of time, creating a lasting impression.

If you want something a bit different from a normal pen, look at banner pens, stylus pens, tool pens,pens with highlighter or phone holder pens - there are loads of choices.

Contact us to help you find your ideal writing solution.

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