18 September 2012

Why Senior Managers are Increasing Promotional Merchandise Spend

Why Senior Managers are Increasing Promotional Merchandise Spend

In times of recession when business is tough, why are 83% of senior marketers planning to increase their promotional merchandise spend this year.

Research by BPMA involved questioning senior marketers across the UK from a variety of industries on their purchase and usage of promotional products. This is the first time a survey like this has been carried out and here are some of the findings:

  •  Promotional products are purchased at least every 3 months by 66% of senior managers
  • Promotional merchandise is used at promotional events by 73% of buyers
  • Promotional products are used by 63% of buyers for brand awareness and re-branding

Merchandise was used because it targets customers effectively, ensures brand message lasts longer and creates loyalty. 

If you are going to purchase promotional products to enhance your business image and promote your marketing campaigns consider your product selection carefully as the range of promotional products available is vast. It is advisable to find appropriate products that are relevant to your market sector.

We are happy to offer help and advice at selecting appropriate products to help maximise the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns. If we can help, contact us to discuss.

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