11 September 2012

Environmental Promotional Products

Environmental Promotional Products

Thinking environmentally?

When selecting promotional merchandise why not consider Eco friendly products. The benefits can be great:

  • Help reduce the consumption of limited resources.
  • Lessen the impact of production on the environment with our wide variety of environmentally aware products.
  • Minimise fuel pollution be selecting products manufactured within the UK

Eco-friendly products include:

  • Recycled promotional products manufactured from: car tyres, plastics, cartons, vending cups, newspapers, leather, glass etc.
  • Environmentally friendly products from cotton, sustainable wood etc
  • Eco friendly products using solar power, wind-up mechanisms or water power.
  • A good range of products manufactured in UK  including mouse mats, coasters, rulers, badges., bookmarks, folders & keyrings.

Product definitions  –  Make an informed decision when selecting you eco friendly promotional items. What do the titles mean?

  • Recycled – Made from previously used & processed materials including glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles and electronics.
  • Recyclable – Can be processed at the end of it’s practical life to be used again for the same or different purpose.
  • Biodegradable – Decays naturally & harmlessly, helping to limit the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere.
  • Organic – Made from materials produced without the use of artificial chemicals.
  • Sustainable – Made from long term self sustainable materials farmed and sourced with little or no damage to the environment.
  • Solar Powered – Powered by electricity generated from the natural energy contained within the suns rays.
  • Water Powered – Powered, driven or propelled by water.
  • Energy Saving – Minimises the use of relevant power source whilst item is both in use and on standby.
  • Dynamo Powered – Power generated by mechanical movement, such as wind up mechanism.

 The range is vast and rapidly growing, if you need any help – contact us to discuss.

Go Green … Show your customers you care!

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